El talento es un don que Dios nos hace en secreto, y que nosotros revelamos sin saberlo. - Montesquieu

Mind Motivation for Minors – ​Day 2 of Basket Talent Camp

Today we were connected by hi-tec across the world to listen to Rubén Turienzo, head of Talent Telepizza & Director of Influencia Social speaking from Honduras to offer the girls a method of mind training that will guarantee that you ALWAYS WIN! He is an on motivation and consults with government and politics.

He uses the Spanish acronym GRITA which translates as scream, and it breaks down as follows:

G – UN GRAN MOTIVO, a great motive. Find your motivation, what drives you but the clue it’s never to win! It can be to improve yourself, to be the best team for example. (I created a goal for myself around health and being the healthiest version of myself.)

He went on to say, Imagine a goal you’d like to achieve this week.

So as we are on a basketball talent camp I then created a goal about being able to participate in a basketball game, which is really unlikely for me as I don’t really do team sports and at the end of our program we have to play a game with the parents!

So a motive is what will I personally do better (or at all in my case!).

Next comes the ‘why’ do I want to do that. Close eyes and ask yourself, why do you want to achieve this goal and notice what arises…

For me what came up is that in Brighton where I live there is a basketball court on the seafront and there are always guys playing (who are very tall and very good!) and I just wondered, imagine if I could join in with them one day… I appreciate the collaborative nature of basketball.

R – RECURSOS POSITIVOS, positive resources. Everything I already know or know what to do, this is already a positive resource. Take care with things that I t